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About HalloWE

HalloWe is an app that lets you engage with your community and surroundings to truly enjoy Halloween! Find on here costumes and other Halloween-related paraphernalia up for trading, exchanging, giving away, and of course selling. In turn, upload your own collection of costumes on the app to give away, trade, or sell to others around you. With location-based searching, the Halloween costume of your dreams might just be a short drive away!


To reduce last-minute costume and accessories hunting stress due to mailing, your party outfit might just be round the corner! Are you a planner? Feel free to get in touch with the content poster to figure out the best way to exchange, trade, or buy your costume.

Exchange, Trade, AND Sell

Your costume(s) from years past could be garage fillers and dust magnets, but for someone out there, they are treasures. Give them away, or trade treasures! Of course, your last year’s gourmet, once-worn costume can be sold off to someone looking for a great deal.

Engage With Your Community

With location-based results, get in touch with your neighbors and pals to spread the word about your costume, and promote a healthy community through costume trades, exchanges, or even give-aways!

Be Green, and Save Green !

Reduce waste, save the environment and your money by promoting reuse and recycling of costumes barely worn.

How HalloWE Works


It's easy. Just connect your Facebook or Google account, and complete verification through your email address or SMS, and you’re on your way!

Click a Picture

Show off your photography skills and your awesome costume for the world to see and want!

Set a Location

Show your contact where they can come pick the costume up, if possible!

Trick or Treat

After picking up, or getting delivered your costume, go trick or treating, stay safe, and have a wonderful HalloWeen!

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